James Moore

Minister of Industry / Ministre de l'Industrie
Port Moody . Westwood . Port Coquitlam

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Internal Trade Progress

August 29, 2014

The meeting of the Council of the Federation (COF) has yielded positive news on our efforts for more free trade within Canada. First, B.C. and Saskatchewan have agreed to move forward on liberalized trade of wines and spirits between to the two western provinces. Second, B.C. and New Brunswick signed a memorandum of understanding on labour mobility between their jurisdictions. While limited in scope, this is all meaningful progress in the direction of economic liberalization.
More significantly was the news out of COF that the provinces agreed in principle to expand and modernize free trade more broadly within Canada. "Premiers agreed to undertake a comprehensive renewal of the AIT... using the existing AIT" according to their statement. This reflects the sentiment I heard from all of Canada's provinces and territories as I travelled Canada and met with my counterparts and Premiers over the past 8 months urging for this kind of commitment. I am pleased to see a clear commitment to move forward.
As a signatory of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), funder of the secretariat, and 2013 chair of the AIT committee, I look forward to working with Canada's provinces on this is important file. As well, to keep progress moving in the right direction, the federal government will be looking at additional measures that will contribute to greater free trade and economic growth within Canada.

Hon. James Moore, PC, MP
Minister of Industry

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MP Newsletter

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The State of the Canadian Aerospace Industry

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Strengthening Competition in Canada's Wireless Industry

The Government of Canada took another step in delivering for consumers by unveiling details of a new spectrum auction. Beginning next year, AWS-3 spectrum licences will be made available to wireless companies. AWS-3 spectrum is ideal for delivering fast, reliable service to Canadians on the latest smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. Consistent with the Government's previous spectrum auctions, the AWS-3 spectrum auction will have rules designed specifically to put Canadian consumers first.

Helping Start-up Companies Grow & Prosper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the organizations that have been chosen to advance in the selection process for the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program (CAIP), which is designed to help outstanding small- and medium-sized Canadian enterprises to grow, prosper and create jobs.

Canada Leading World on Maternal, Newborn & Child Health

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Harper Government Aims to End Provincial Trade Barriers

The Conservative government is in the process of hammering out a comprehensive new agreement on internal trade with the provinces, aimed at lowering barriers estimated to cost the country $50-billion a year. James Moore, the federal Industry Minister, said his number one priority is a new internal trade deal that would supersede the existing Agreement on Internal Trade, which was signed by the provinces 20 years ago and left intact a patchwork of cumbersome barriers.

Gas Tax Agreement With B.C. Signed

We are proud to support economic growth across British Columbia by supporting local infrastructure priorities through the federal Gas Tax Fund. We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with the Government of British Columbia and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, which will make this important funding available and allow communities to address their specific infrastructure priorities.

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Canada: World-Class Tanker & Pipeline Safety

This week our Government announced modernization of Canada's tanker & pipeline safety regimes to world-class standards. These new measures reflect the depth of our commitment to transport resources responsibly. Implementing these new safety measures makes Canada a world leader in all areas relating energy exports.
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Digital Privacy Act

The purpose of the Digital Privacy Act is to strengthen the protection of Canadians’ privacy.  The bill requires organizations to tell Canadians if their personal information has been lost or stolen, and imposes heavy fines on companies that deliberately break the rules.  It also gives the Privacy Commissioner of Canada more power to enforce the law and hold offenders to account.  It is a balanced approach to protecting Canadians’ personal information, while still allowing for information sharing when illegal activity has occurred.

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Canadian Victims Bill of Rights

“Our Government is proud to be rebalancing the scales of Canadian justice to ensure that innocent victims of crime have clear rights in our system. The new legislation being introduced in Parliament today aims to ensure that victims are at the heart of our judicial system and that they have the right to information, to protection, to participation and to restitution.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper

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Next Step Towards Evergreen Line Completion

"Our Government is pleased to invest in this project that will create jobs and boost the regional economy," said Minister Moore. "The Evergreen Line will not only provide Metro Vancouver residents with an expanded, efficient and environmentally sustainable transit system, it will connect communities and improve the quality of life for all residents of the region."

New Legislation to Protect Children from Predators & Exploitation

Nine new measures have been introduced in the House of Commons that reflect the government’s commitment in the 2013 Speech from the Throne to re-establish Canada as a country where those who break the law are punished for their actions, where prison time matches the severity of crimes committed, and where the most vulnerable victims – children – are better protected.

More Wireless Choices: 700MHz Auction

Consumers are the big winners following the conclusion of the 700 MHz spectrum auction. 97 licences have been awarded to 8 Canadian companies. A fourth wireless provider obtained spectrum in every region of the country, delivering on our government's commitment to encourage more competition in Canada's wireless industry. The total revenue generated from the 700 MHz auction is $5.27 billion, the highest return ever for a wireless auction in Canada.

Budget 2014

Canada's Future In Space: Our Plan

"Canada's space industry is a major contributor to highly skilled jobs to our economy, and a great source of pride among all Canadians. This plan charts a course for our future in space by ensuring Canada remains a global leader in important areas of space technology and innovation. On the road to our 150th birthday in 2017, we hope this plan will inspire the next generation of Canadian astronauts." - Industry Minister James Moore

New Cell Tower Rules Announced

Canadian consumers expect their government to make decisions that will deliver more choice, lower prices and better service in the wireless sector for all Canadians. The Government of Canada will continue to work with the wireless sector in the weeks ahead on ways to more effectively balance the concerns of local communities.

More Wireless Services for Canadians

The 2500 MHz auction framework released today outlines the process for auctioning 2500 MHz spectrum licences as well as the conditions that licence holders must respect after the auction. The auction, which will take place in April 2015, has rules specifically designed to put Canadian consumers first.

Canada Summer Jobs Deadline: January 31st

Capping Wireless Roaming Fees

Industry Minister James Moore recently announced that the Government of Canada will take legislative action on domestic roaming rates to better protect consumer interests in Canada's telecommunications market. Today's announcement is delivering on the Government's Speech from the Throne commitment to reduce roaming rates on domestic networks in Canada.

Liberalizing Trade Within Canada

The guiding ethic of these reforms should be simple: foreign firms operating in Canada should not have a systemic advantage over Canadian firms operating in Canada. We will always respect jurisdictional differences in Canada. But we are one country with, I hope, a shared ambition to work together to build a prosperous future together.

New Measures to Build on Canada's Proud History in Space

"Canada's aerospace and space sectors contribute more than 170,000 well-paid jobs and over $27 billion to our economy every year," said Minister Moore. "The new measures announced today are the result of our close work with the industry to ensure that our Canadian companies can continue to compete internationally and be global leaders."

New Legislation Cracks Down on Cyberbullying

Our Government is committed to ensuring that our children are safe from online predators and from online exploitation. We have an obligation to help put an end to harmful online harassment and exploitation. Cyberbullying goes far beyond schoolyard bullying and, in some cases, can cross the line into criminal activity. With the click of a computer mouse, a person can be victimized before the entire world. As we have seen far too often, such conduct can destroy lives. It clearly demands a stronger criminal justice response, and we intend to provide one.

Rail Safety Reform Announced

We recognize the responsibilities of all parties involved in maintaining safe railway transportation in Canada. Our government remains committed to two-way dialogue and information exchange with key transportation stakeholders in communities across Canada. We are demonstrating that today with the issuance of this protective direction.

Commons Votes to Create Canadian Museum of History

On November 6, 2013, by a vote of 150 in favour to 121 opposed, legislation to create the Canadian Museum of History was approved by the House of Commons. Over the past year I have worked hard to get to this moment, and I am so very proud that this day has arrived. The legislation now moves on to the Senate for consideration and a vote, then forward for & Royal Assent.

Historic Canada-European Union Trade Agreement Reached

This is the biggest, most ambitious trade agreement that Canada has ever reached. It covers most aspects of the Canada-EU bilateral economic relationship, including trade in goods and services, investment, and government procurement. “This trade agreement is an historic win for Canada,” said Prime Minister Harper. “It represents thousands of new jobs for Canadians, and a half-billion new customers for Canadian businesses.”

Speech From the Throne

10 New Coast Guard Ships To Be Built in Vancouver

“The Government’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy has played a key role in revitalizing British Columbia’s shipbuilding industry, creating thousands of long-term, skilled jobs,” said Minister Moore. “Today’s announcement will ensure that the job creation is sustained, and that British Columbia continues to be a leader in Canadian shipbuilding.”

Supporting Canada's Auto Industry

"Canada's auto sector is a world leader, employing hundreds of thousands of Canadians and contributing 12 percent of our total exports worldwide," said Minister Moore. "Our government is committed to strengthening our economy while creating and keeping high-quality jobs here in Canada.

Key Aerospace & Defence Program Launched

"Canada's aerospace and defence industries make important contributions to our economy, support high-skilled jobs across the country, and are leading investors in research and development," said Minister Moore. "Our government is proud to launch this new program that will support large-scale technology demonstration projects with strong commercialization potential and that will promote cross-industry collaboration." 

Fighting Those Who Exploit Children

“Our Government continues to help make our streets and communities safer by cracking down on predators who abuse and exploit children,” said the Prime Minister. “New legislative amendments will be introduced this fall to better protect children from a range of sexual offences, including child pornography, while ensuring that offenders receive tougher sentences.” 

Consumers First

Myth: New foreign wireless companies will come into Canada through a “loophole” which will squeeze out Canadian owned companies.
There is no loophole. Our government is supporting increased competition in our wireless sector, which is intended to produce more choice and lower prices. Canada’s wireless industry is currently dominated by Canadian companies. The Canadian incumbents already hold 90% of the telecommunications market and own 85% of the wireless spectrum in Canada. 

A Telecom Policy for All Canadians

I think Canadians know very well what is at stake and they know dishonest attempts to skew debates via misleading campaigns when they see them.  Equally, Canadian consumers know instinctively that more competition will serve their families well through better service and lower prices. 

Serving Canadians Through Increased Competition

Since 2008, our Government has introduced new policies to increase competition in our telecommunications industry.  The result has been greater choices at lower prices for Canadians.  In fact, our actions have driven down the average cost of wireless services by nearly 20%. 

Supporting Canada's World Class Aerospace Industry

Our aerospace manufacturing sector is the fifth largest in the world. It is ranked third in the world for civil aircraft production. And it is the second most research-intensive industry in Canada, creating world leading Canadian technology. This success matters because Canada’s aerospace industry contributes over 170,000 high-paying jobs and over $27 billion to the Canadian economy annually

Moore Named Industry Minister

Today Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a major cabinet shuffle which saw James Moore named Canada's new Industry Minister. "I am honoured to have the trust and confidence of the Prime Minister to serve in this important portfolio," says Moore. For the past 5-years Moore has been Canada's Minister of Canadian Heritage & Official Languages. Moore will continue in his role as BC's senior regional Minister.

Honouring Terry Fox

“Terry Fox is one of Canada’s greatest heroes and his story deserves to be known by all Canadians as an important part of our nation’s history,” said Minister Moore. “The Marathon of Hope inspired future generations worldwide, and Terry’s legacy continues to raise millions of dollars for cancer research year after year. During the first ever Canada History Week, I am honoured to announce a partnership that will give Canadians the opportunity to learn about Terry’s life and his outstanding achievements.”

Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act

"Our Government is committed to making Canadian streets and communities safer," says Prime Minister Stephen Harper. "The legislation we have introduced focuses on victims and places public safety at the forefront of decision-making. This will ensure that not criminally responsible accused people found to be too dangerous to release are no longer a threat to their victims or Canadian communities."

Creating the Canadian Museum of History

"As we count down to Canada's 150th birthday in 2017, we have an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate our history and those achievements that define who we are as Canadians," says Minister Moore. "Canadians deserve a national museum of history that tells our stories and presents our country's treasures to the world."