James Moore

Minister of Industry / Ministre de l'Industrie
Port Moody . Westwood . Port Coquitlam

Digital Privacy Act

The purpose of the Digital Privacy Act is to strengthen the protection of Canadians’ privacy.  The bill requires organizations to tell Canadians if their personal information has been lost or stolen, and imposes heavy fines on companies that deliberately break the rules.  It also gives the Privacy Commissioner of Canada more power to enforce the law and hold offenders to account.  It is a balanced approach to protecting Canadians’ personal information, while still allowing for information sharing when illegal activity has occurred.

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Victims Bill of Rights

“Our Government is proud to be rebalancing the scales of Canadian justice to ensure that innocent victims of crime have clear rights in our system. The new legislation being introduced in Parliament today aims to ensure that victims are at the heart of our judicial system and that they have the right to information, to protection, to participation and to restitution.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Hot Topics

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Next Step Towards Evergreen Line Completion

"Our Government is pleased to invest in this project that will create jobs and boost the regional economy," said Minister Moore. "The Evergreen Line will not only provide Metro Vancouver residents with an expanded, efficient and environmentally sustainable transit system, it will connect communities and improve the quality of life for all residents of the region."

Canada's Future In Space: Our Plan

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"Canada's space industry is a major contributor to highly skilled jobs to our economy, and a great source of pride among all Canadians. This plan charts a course for our future in space by ensuring Canada remains a global leader in important areas of space technology and innovation. On the road to our 150th birthday in 2017, we hope this plan will inspire the next generation of Canadian astronauts." - Industry Minister James Moore